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March 29, 2012 by admin

Xicotepec Project Day 6

It would be hard to imagine a world without marketing.”

-Stanton, Etzel, and Walker

  • Breakfast – Tostadas, pineapple, pan dulce, and eggs with hotdog
  • Lunch – Carnitas with rice and the best tortilla chips, ever
  • Dinner – Pizza with pineapple, ham, onions, and cheese (it was a great day for food)

Mercadotecnia - Marketing

I’d like to preface this post by saying it was probably my favorite day of the Xicotepec trip.

We started the day early as usual, ate our breakfast, and left for the Rotary elementary school. Although it seemed like we all finally got a full night’s sleep, the week was starting to take its toll on us. Luckily, today wasn’t work intensive.
We walked with almost everyone to the Rotary school. Today was the Carnival parade and the kids had made masks with the theater group. They were so intricate and beautiful. We didn’t get to stay for the whole parade, but we saw the kids off.

Shortly after, some ambassadors in the Marketing program came to pick us up in an old fashioned school bus. We sat one CLA student to each Marketing student on the bus. We chatted all the way to their school, about 15 minutes away.

A couple of the kids at Carnival

A couple of the kids at Carnival

When we got to the school, they showed us a couple of the administrative buildings. One was the admissions office that provided information on all the majors. Apparently Veterinary Science is big there. Then we were invited to the inauguration of the new auditorium. We saw the mayor of Xicotepec once more and learned some of the history of the school. There were probably six speakers in total. After the formalities, the students put on three short plays by Miguel Cervantes (like Shakespeare, but Mexican). It was difficult to understand, but I got the gist.

My "boyfriend"

A high schooler wanted my picture after we talked for a bit. The bus driver tried to get me to give him a "beso." I guess that means he's my trip boyfriend

After the play, we went to the campus restaurant to eat. We had some pretty delicious food and swapped culture with the Mexican students. Favorite questions:
Do you watch Jersey Shore? (yes)
What curse words do you know? (no comment)
What are your favorite alcoholic beverages (Cerveza)
Hey, we’re college students, after all.
After lunch, we went to a lecture with the students’ Marketing professor. He talked about how Marketing can help local businesses and some projects the students have been working on. As a Marketing major myself, I was eating it up. After the lecture, they presented us with shirts they made with the logos of the school and a graphic one of them made for Xicotepec. We played trompos outside (its not just for little kids) and I still hadn’t quite gotten the hang of it.
Virgin statue

Virgen de Guadalupe statue - the symbol of Xicotepec

Shortly after, we left to see the huge Virgin of Guadalupe statue that some would consider to be the symbol of Xicotepec. The students came with us and took lots of pictures. We were pleasantly surprised to run into some of our favorite hombres from Ojo de Agua, too!

They dropped us off at Cruz Azul and we made plans to meet up later. We recapped with Stacy, then split up – everyone having a task to accomplish. We went into town, and went through the market that happens twice a week. Unfortunately, it was mostly over.

I did the wrap-up interview for Nate’s video tonight (below). We checked emails and wrote thank you’s to present to the people who helped us throughout the week. We also checked Facebook – some of our new friends already added us!

The whole group

The whole group - Iowa and Xicotepec

Unfortunately, when we got back to the Cruz Azul, we were told that we couldn’t go out with our new friends. I understand that we were in a strange place with people that they didn’t know very well, but I wish one or a few of the older people would’ve opted to come with us. Regardless, I’m friends with most of them on Facebook now and it’s good Spanish practice to communicate.

Nate’s Day 6 video.

  •   •   •   •   •

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