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July 22, 2011 by admin

A Day in My Life

My summer is becoming more and more repetitive, but not necessarily in a bad way. Everyday follows a pattern, with only minor changes (save for the weekends). Allow me to explain:

I wake up at 6am (or 6:30am if I’m really lazy) to get ready for work.

At 7am, I’m driving. It takes an hour, but luckily early morning radio is full of entertainment. At 7:15, there’s Smackdown with Showbiz Shelley. Basically, “Showbiz” Shelley, leaves the room (if that’s true or not, I don’t know or care), and the random caller on the line attempts to answer 5 seemingly random pop culture questions. I play along and usually average a 3 or 4 out of 5. Unfortunately, the random caller rarely beats Shelley, because all she does is study pop culture, and rarely misses a question. Regardless, it’s fun to see how up to date I am on celebrity gossip. Speaking of which, at 7:40, Perez Hilton gets on the line to discuss the latest. If I’m a few minutes late to work, at 8:05 the Second Date Check In (or something of the like) is on, where a person who hasn’t heard back from their date after a seemingly good night gets embarrassed by finding out what went wrong when they get their date on the line. Who knew 7am could be so interesting?

Once I get to work (8am, if you’re keeping track), it’s down to business. I don’t like coffee, but I’ll usually fix myself a piping hot chocolate. I’ll get done whatever I need to do, then take a lunch with the other interns at noon. On Tuesdays we go out to eat. So far we’ve been to a burger place, a Chinese place, and a sandwich place. Next week is Mexican!

Then it’s back to work. Sometime around 2-3pm, I’ll take a brownie break. A cosmic brownie break, that is. You know, those delicious Little Debbie brownies that have the crunchy chocolate candy on them? They also come in a box of 6 for under $2! What a steal. I think it’s only fair that I have a brownie break, because everyday I bring a salad to work for lunch and have a fruit smoothie for breakfast (as opposed to delicious McDonald’s or a microwave at home breakfast sandwich).

I get off at 4:30pm, then its time for the daunting drive home. It’s not so bad in the morning, because frankly, I need the time to wake up. But at night, all I want to do is get home. Luckily, I’ve turned what I previously thought of as a waste of time into a learning opportunity. Recently, I’ve embraced the awesome that is (that are?) audio books. I’ve got one for advanced Spanish (in an attempt to review before my Spanish class this Fall semester), and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). Usually, I play the Spanish one (and repeat after the native speaker) on my way to work, in between radio shows. On the way home, I play the 7 Habits all the way home. I’m halfway through it now and excited to finish.

When I get home (around 5:30pm), I check the mail. This is one of my favorite parts of the day. I follow a bunch of blogs that advertise ways to get things for free. Usually these things are product samples, but I’ve gotten some pretty cool stuff, including: coupons for free products, a book, and full sized samples. Getting something for nothing (except the 5 seconds it takes to fill out the form) is awesome. I tend to get something (or multiple somethings) everyday.

After I chill out for 15 minutes or so, surfing the net, playing with the pets, or picking up my room a bit, then its down to business once again. I’m a web designer at school, and my boss recently asked me to do some projects remotely. So I try to dedicate 1-2 hours a night on average doing that. It doesn’t really feel like work when its something I love… and I can catch up on my favorite TV shows while doing it (which I probably would be doing regardless).

To keep things interesting, once a week I go to Yoga at the local recreation center with my friend Leah (usually Tuesdays, usually Yin Yoga). Once a week(night), I visit my horse, Dream. I usually see her once on the weekends, too. Then another night during the week, I’ll get coffee or dinner to catch up with some friends.

The weekends are completely different and rarely the same, but Fridays are my let loose days. I think after working 40 hours a week (not counting the 10 hours a week I’m stuck driving, or the extra work I put in once I get home), I’ve earned it. Fridays are also free Panera bagels at work days. Fridays are the best.

Saturdays/Sundays are errand/friend days. Sometimes I fit in a little bit of work for my school job, too. Weekends are also travel days. My boyfriend lives in Iowa (and I live in Illinois), so our only good chance to be together is during the weekends (a solid 2.5 days). It’s been kind of hard, but luckily I’ve been so busy I barely get a chance to even think about it.

Weeknights are sometimes also errand nights. Or shopping nights (even better). I try to get in one solid hour of TV (it would be more, but my dad is king of TV land until he goes to bed around 9pm, and I’m in bed by 10pm). After my hour of relaxation, I read for about a half hour before I go to sleep. I haven’t made enough time for reading lately, but a half hour a day is much better than nothing. I just started Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman, which is a social commentary on pop culture told in essay form. The essays are perfect for the 30 minutes of reading I allow myself – I can usually get through 2 a night (which makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something).

At 10:30pm, I get on the phone with my boyfriend, talk for a half hour, and pass out at 11pm.

And that’s a typical day in the life of Madeline Osman.

…At least for this summer.

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