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December 10, 2013 by admin

Inside Verizon’s new Ultra and Mini

I recently had an opportunity to test and review Verizon’s new Droid Ultra and Mini phones. Here are how they stacked up compared to my iPhone 5…

So many choices...

So many choices...

Really hard to do on the Mini.
Slightly less difficult on the Ultra,
but my bias in general may be due to my familiarity with the iPhone’s keyboard. The only downside of Apple’s typing experience lies in its Auto-correct feature, which frequently makes me sound like an idiot when I type and send too fast.
Winner – Apple

Mini – 10 megapixel
Ultra – 10 megapixels
iPhone – 8 megapixels, but has option for filters (but so does Instagram)
Winner – Android

Both the Ultra and the Mini lasted a lot longer with normal use than the iPhone 5… Although the iPhone’s battery has gotten better with each iteration. My only beef with the Android phone’s battery is that sometimes when I plugged it into my computer, it wouldn’t charge unless I jammed in the cord just right. Sometimes it was unclear whether or not it was charging.
Winner – Tie

The Mini and the Ultra are made of Kevlar and Gorilla glass, but I managed to chip the Mini with normal wear and tear in a matter of days. The Mini is quite slippery so not a good match for anyone (like me) who is prone to clumsiness. (same with the Ultra, but the case I got prevented that). However, my iPhone without any sort of protection would have been cracked in a matter of days.
Winner – Android

Lock Screen
I definitely prefer the Android lock screen to the Apple counterpart. It has the ability to make patterns instead of using numbers. However, my personal favorite feature is that it alerts you to any new emails (the iPhone doesn’t do this) and even tells you who it’s from and the subject line of the email– all without having to open the actual application. It’s perfect for when you’re expecting something but don’t want to waste battery life.
Winner – Android


The Android home screen is more customizable than Apple's... but is that a good thing?

Home Screen
The Android home screen is customizable and fun to play with. The iPhone’s doesn’t change much unless you jailbreak it. However, a Tumblr blog used to exist called Fugly Android that chronicled the dark side of this freedom, where people got too creative and it turned into a disaster.
Winner – Tie

Ultra – 16gb and SIM card slot for additional memory
Mini – 16gb and SIM card slot for additional memory
iPhone – 16gb standard
Winner – Android

Mini – $49.99 with 2 year contract
Ultra – $99.99 with 2 year contract
iPhone 5s (can’t buy the 5 anymore) 16gb – $199.99 with 2 year contract
Winner – Android

Amazon Kindle app on Android

The Kindle app on Android detects your reading speed and tells you how much time until the next chapter

Some are more intuitive on the Android phones. For example, while reading a book on Kindle, it detects your reading speed and tells you how many minutes until you finish a chapter. How is it that Apple over-looked something so simple, but useful? At the same time, the Android store accepts any and all apps – the Apple App Store has a more rigorous admission process. As a result, all of the apps on the Apple App Store are of the highest quality.
Winner – Tie

Text and Calling experience
Android’s experience is similar to Apple… except Apple changed their experience to mirror Android’s.
Winner – Android

Can it fit in your pocket?
Mini – Definitely, without question, no matter how tight your skinny jeans are.
Ultra – If they were cargo pants
iPhone – Lay off the skinnies, and it’ll work
Winner – Depends on your preferences

Bottom line
Mini: Affordable smart phone… for your slow to upgrades parents
Ultra: Like finding a Samsung Galaxy S4 at a garage sale – affordable quality compared to its top Android competitors
iPhone 5 – A great phone that doesn’t try anything different between generations.

Spotify App on Android

Spotify app on Android... more intuitive playlist management

Basically, there’s no cut and dry way to pick the best phone out of this bunch. It’s all about preference. So pick what features are the most important to you and judge based on that!

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September 30, 2013 by admin

Promotional Emails – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Whenever I check my emails in the morning, I experience what we in the industry call email fatigue. Email fatigue is when you are overwhelmed by the same company sending you promotional emails at an excessive rate. The company I currently work for, Groupon, is infamous for it’s past actions of doing just that. Nowadays, they send between 1-2 each day, to people who have opted in, and encourage people to search the online Marketplace for other offers. 

At my old job at Student Life Marketing and Design in Iowa City, I helped design and construct multiple email templates. I did some analysis by checking the Mailchimp open rates and where people clicked, and discovered what was working and what wasn’t. Our emails were sent on a weekly or monthly basis, but no more than that.

I have a few suggestions for Email Marketers, based on my limited but relevant personal experience:

1. Don’t send emails more than once a week

Take Express for example. I love them and their clothing to death, but this is a little suffocating.

2. Have something to say – don’t just send an email for the sake of doing it

This is a better example of Ulta’s multiple weekly emails. It has a call to action to purchase and a decent coupon – but they do the same thing all the time, with different coupons and products. I don’t even open their emails anymore. If I wanted to buy something from them, I would just open the latest email, take the coupon code, and ignore the rest. Ulta could benefit from more limited, specific emails.

3. Alternate your message

On the flip side, Panera always has a fun and engaging email experience. They alternate between promotional coupons (my favorite, because Panera doesn’t send them often), recipes, new items, and charities they’re sponsoring. All good PR for the company.

In general, no email campaign should focus on just one thing, especially percentage off coupons. Sometimes I wait until the next sale or promotion email, because I know it’s going to happen, before buying something I probably would’ve paid full price for.

4. Lure them in with a discount

This is the best way to get a new customer on your email list. Just don’t fatigue them once you’ve got them!

5. Make it personal

When someone is signing up for your email list, find a way to capture their name and use it in your campaign. Nothing is sweeter to a person than their own name – use that to your advantage.


I would love to hear some arguments to the contrary, or other suggestions… Leave your thoughts or links to articles in the comments!


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July 22, 2013 by admin

Tech Toy Review: the UP by Jawbone

Me and my new toy

After spending a semester abroad in Barcelona, I put on over 10 pounds of croquettas, patatas bravas, and pastries. I wouldn’t trade the experience of enjoying the local cuisine for anything, but I recognized that once I got back, I would definitely have some work to do in order to return to my ideal weight.

The UP lets you know when you're killin' it

One of my good friends created a diet and exercise plan for me, and coincidentally, not long after, I was given the opportunity to test drive the UP by Jawbone. The UP is a fitness band that tracks your sleeping patterns, how many steps you take in a day, and also allows you to track nutrition information from what you consume. You can also log your mood and what kinds of physical activity you’re doing, in addition to steps. One of the most amazing features of the UP band is that it finds the perfect time for you to wake up without feeling tired, based on your sleeping patterns. Taking in all of this data, the UP finds patterns and provides helpful and interesting insights. It gives suggestions for how to improve, and encouragement when you are exceeding your goals.

Helpful tips on a daily basis

The band itself is intriguing. It is available in different sizes, depending on the size of your wrist (the medium fits me perfectly). The consumer also has a choice of relatively neutral colors. It is rubberized and all of the electronic components are contained so that the band itself can get wet and even be worn in the shower (I’ve also taken it swimming). The battery life is similarly incredible – a person can successfully use the UP for 10 days without having to charge it. When the UP is almost out of battery life, it is easily and quickly charged via USB.

Wearing the band is an awesome conversation starter. To check your sleep and step progress, you connect the band to your phone’s (iPhone AND Android supported) headphone jack. At this point, most people would ask me what the hell I was doing, which turned into some easy word of mouth advertising for Jawbone (free of charge, you’re welcome). 

Some health stats at a glance

Having the UP has helped me immensely in my quest to lose weight and become healthier. Just by tracking and checking my progress, I can see where I’m lacking and where I need to make changes. It has helped me to see the relationships between what I eat, how active I am, and how much sleep I’m getting, as they compare to how healthy I really am. The UP app connects to many popular health and fitness apps, including one of my personal favorites – My Fitness Pal. The UP’s capabilities, tied with the extensive database of food nutrition facts gives you the most complete picture, possible. 

For more tech specs and ordering information, check out Jawbone’s website. I can’t wait to try a new tech toy, but I’m going to have separation anxiety when I send this one back!

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May 13, 2013 by admin

How to Tinder: for dummies.

What Exactly is Tinder?

I downloaded Tinder a few weekends into my time in Barcelona. What initially started as a game, because an area of intense fascination for me. This post is dedicating to figure out what makes Tinder tick.

I’ll let Tinder describe…

(Pictures from Tinder iTunes App Store page)

My Profile

My profile with images carefully crowd-sourced from my top likes and biggest ego boosts on Facebook

Automatic X’s

Tinder boys, this is my little piece of advice to you, based on field and personal research. Any of the following will most likely get an automatic X:

  • Baby in the picture. I don’t care who’s it is, don’t want to go down that road.
  • Under 21. Can’t bring ‘em to the bar? Not gonna happen.
  • Too hairy. I’m no Ke$ha in that don’t much like mustaches or beards (but am in other ways – world fame, sexy autotune voice, etc.).
  • Too bro. Hey bro, check out my tats, bro. Check out my abs, bro. Look, I’m drinking, BRO.
  • Every pictures is a group shot. Or there are only 2 pictures. I don’t know what you really look like! And I don’t want to have to figure it out.
  • Girl in the picture, OBVIOUSLY not his sister. Either a girlfriend or an ex-girlfriend: neither I would want to see in a boy seeking girl’s profile.

Automatic <3′s

On the other hand, there are some things a person can do with their profile to get an automatic <3.

  • Dog in at least one of your pictures. Aww, he’s so cute!
  • Muscles. I didn’t say they had to be honorable things. At the same time, leave something to the imagination.
  • Something funny. I love and appreciate a good sense of humor above most everything else.

Photo credit:

Unanswered Questions

Why dont they message me after they like me?

There are two sides to the story – On one hand, a girl likes to be treated traditionally and let the boy make the first move. But then there are the dudes that feel weird about doing it on Tinder. My advice? If you think someone’s hot – GROW A PAIR.

Why cant it ever be the hot one in the group shot?

Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Is there a right way to use Tinder?

Some people use it because they’re bored, some people use it to make friends, some want to find a hookup buddy, and some even want to find a partner. What’s the right way to use Tinder, and is there even one? Is it weird to meet a person off the internet in person based on your mutual lust and not much more?

Tinder humor. Photo credti:

Suggested Additional Features

  • Ability to sort by age. We all have our preferences.
  • Height display. Asking for weight is going too far, but height is hard to tell through a picture.
  • Stop being slow! Its no fun to give up on a person because their profile wont load.
  • Android users just wanna have fun. With so many people on Android powered devices, a huge chunk of people are underrepresented.

Tinder Gone Wrong

One of the people I’ve discussed Tinder with told me about a personal experience where he met up with a girl who was many pounds heavier than she claimed to be. He was a good sport and had a few drinks with her, but I would have left… If I can’t trust that you will show up at least physically as the person you have represented yourself as (albeit minus many Instagram filters), I can’t trust anything else you say.

Here’s some ground rules for a fun and safe Tinder meet up:

  • Meet in public. My number one rule. Don’t trust anyone from the Internet enough to meet for the first time at someone’s house.
  • Bring an amused friend. Be honest about who you’re meeting up with (and how you came to be in their acquaintance), and ask them to come along for the ride. Have some other people meet you if you want the option to ditch everyone with your new pal.
  • Check their Facebook. Add the person on Facebook before you meet them for the first time. Look at recent pictures. Do they have friends? Good. Probably not an axe murderer, and likely who they say they’ll be!
  • Be on the same page for what you want. Self-explanatory. You will likely discuss it before you make the effort to go out, but if not, make your wants known so that nobody is wasting each other’s time.

Photo Credit:

What other Tinder observations do you have?
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January 4, 2013 by admin

Semester Wrap-Up

Before moving on to talking about this semester, I want to revisit last semester. Usually, I would have a month to reflect, relax, and rest, but my winter break this year was just 2 short weeks! Lets start with a couple things I’m proud of:

3.6 semester GPA = Dean’s List, baby.
I honestly feel like I did the least amount of “work” this past semester, and somehow got the best GPA, yet. I think committing myself to a process of studying and knowledge retention has really paid off in the long run, and I’ve gotten better at it. My GPA is finally at a point that I’m truly proud of, and I know I earned it. I hope to be able to sustain it this semester, despite taking all my classes in Spanish!

New NextGen Compensated Client Project.
So I had an unpaid Social Media Internship this past summer with a local startup – NextGen Marketing Group. The internship went well, and I was contacted midway through Fall semester to help with a compensated client project. The client was 4114Less whose business is selling directory assistance subscriptions and I set up their social media presence. Working on this project was a fun way to put some of my skills to use, and a unique challenge at times due to the nature of changing technology and communications.


Director of Technology for AMA.
This semester, I served as the Director of Technology for my school’s chapter of the American Marketing Association. While my role had less to do with my specific title, and more to do with supporting the entire executive board and our members, it was a great experience that led to so many new friends and experiences. We planned three events – a pumpkin carving contest, a professional trip to Milwaukee, and an end of year promotional event that I tied in with my Sony ambassadorship and ended up giving away a sweet PS Vita bundle to one lucky winner. I was sad to leave them this semester, but they have a very capable and awesome replacement.

Sony Student Ambassador and Web Designer for Campus Marketing and Design.
Both of these jobs were incredibly hard to leave, for different reasons. With Sony, it was hard to give up such a solid job where I got paid to talk about technology, engage people via social media, and meet new people on campus. I handed over the torch to a very capable replacement – a girl with a lot of connections in the Greek community. She will do well. I left this semester with a new title – October Creative of the Month. I hope Sony isn’t done with me yet :)

I’ve had my job at Campus Marketing and Design since the first semester of Freshman year. I’ve grown with them, they’ve grown with me, and I’ve met sooooo many awesome people – students and professional staff. This semester I was given the increased responsibility of co-writing for the student blog, Under the Dome. I also helped create conversations and engagement on the IMU’s social media pages including Facebook and Twitter. Slightly tweaking how the IMU interacts with its student fan base resulted in many good changes. One of my favorite examples is how I put up a status asking people where there favorite bathrooms on campus were, and 50 people commented with some very strong opinions. Mission – accomplished! Finally, I helped coordinate our department’s Annual Report. You can see that and my contributions here:


Finally, I spent most of the semester planning my next semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain! Check back soon – this blog will become a travel diary of sorts.
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December 21, 2012 by admin

Phone Review: Droid Razr MAXX HD

It has been so much fun to help Hanna write posts for the IMU’s blog Under the Dome this semester. Blogging has always been something I’ve been interested in, but doing as a job is a lot different than doing it for fun. One of the perks of being a student blogger is access to some of the latest tech products and a chance to review them for our readers! I was privileged to get a month with the Droid Razr MAXX HD. My basis for comparison is my own iPhone 4, so I will be reviewing it with that in mind.

Droid Razr MAXX HD
Photo credits:

The Droid Razr
Before reviewing the MAXX, its important to briefly compare it to its predecessor: The Droid Razr. The MAXX essentially doubled the battery life and internal memory. There’s also a slight size difference, but its all but imperceptible. Basically, everything that was wrong with the Razr was fixed with the MAXX.

I have a lot of friends with iPhones. One friend who got the iPhone, didn’t put a case on it, and within a week the screen was cracked. I used the MAXX as usual, throwing it into pockets and purses, all without a case. The MAXX held up without any sign of distress. This may be due to the fact that it’s made from Gorilla ™ glass and Kevlar®. There is also a waterproofing agent that helps to protect the phone (but don’t go submerging it or anything like that). Compared to the iPhone, the MAXX is taller and wider, but like the iPhone, has rounded edges. I’m not sure which size I prefer. However, the MAXX is also thinner, which I love. Overall, it’s a good looking phone.

The MAXX runs on a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and has 1 GB of RAM, which may not mean much to you (or anyone not obsessed with the specs of their technology), but it certainly gives the phone an edge. Combined with Verizon’s 4G LTE network, the phone offers quick and uninterrupted access to any internet-enabled app or website. The battery life is similarly ridiculous. Verizon claims it can last up to 32 hours depending on how you use it, but I would guesstimate a more conservative 10-15. Regardless, it lasts almost twice as long as my iPhone battery. The MAXX is currently running Android 4.0.1 Jellybean, which is not far behind the most current version: 4.2 Jellybean. The MAXX has 32gb of internal memory, with the option to expand memory via a micro SD slot.

I had a Razr back when it was still a flip phone. I was a fan then, and remain a fan to this day. Motorola is a solid phone maker, and has evolved with the times. Two things worth mentioning are the SMARTACTIONS application and the circle widget on the homescreen. The SMARTACTIONS app allows the user to create or use “rules” that do anything from conserve battery life, to reading incoming text messages when driving. The circle widget displays the time, date, and battery status on the homescreen (and quite frankly, are fun to play with). This phone (unlike my iPhone) is also global enabled and ready to go in 200+ countries.

Random Thoughts
A couple cool things that you can’t do on the iPhone

  • Lock screen patterns (I made mine the Zorro “Z”)
  • It looks like you’re turning off an old-school TV when you press the screen-off button
  • Much better vibrating feedback when you’re typing or using the touch screen
  • micro HDML port for displaying your screen on a TV

Final Thoughts
Sometimes comparing iOS to Android is like comparing apples to oranges. However, each operating system has its clear strengths and weaknesses. The Droid Razr MAXX HD seems to be quicker and more efficient, with a much better battery, while the iPhone has a much better camera (expand). The phones are very comparable in price – the MAXX is $299 with a 2 year contract, and the newest 32GB iPhone starts at $299 as well. I don’t know if I’ll be trading in my iPhone anytime soon, but if and when I make the switch to Android, the MAXX would definitely be at the top of my radar. Afterall, it was top 5 on PCmag’s list of top 10 Android phones (

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October 25, 2012 by admin

Political Pay Per Click Ads and Landing Pages

Landing pages are the pages people are directed to after clicking on an online pay per click advertisement. It is important that a landing page has a call to action, isn’t deceptive, and is informative, in order to get customers to do what you want.

In the spirit of the upcoming election, it seems only fair to critique a political pay per click ad.

I found this gem on the sidebar of the Yahoo! Finance page (I’ve been told that Yahoo! is a goldmine for crappy pay per click ads and their resulting landing pages):

This ad depicts the two presidential hopefuls, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama with a call to action, “Vote Here Now.” Its interesting to note the overwhelming use of blue in the lettering, which traditionally is attributed to the democratic side of politics. However, a Wikipedia article about the company states it is a conservative/republican brand. Regardless, its pretty common knowledge that you cannot vote in the presidential election online. The ad is misleading, but piques curiosity.

Obviously, the main problem with the landing page is that it has nothing to do with voting for presidential candidates. Instead, it asks for a person’s opinion about their favorite candidates, policies, and parties. In order to cast your vote in this poll, you have to surrender your name and email address. The disclaimer at the bottom of the page reads:

Please Note: In appreciation of casting your vote, Newsmax will keep you automatically updated on poll results and other breaking news with FREE daily email alerts. If you wish to discontinue these updates, you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time. Invalid email addresses will not be counted in Newsmax polls. Your email address and personal information is confidential as stated in our Privacy Policy. Thank you.

Basically, in order to provide Newsmax with the service of your opinion, you have to surrender your personal information, and they are going to take advantage of it by emailing you nonstop until you go through the process of unsubscribing for something you probably didn’t want, anyways.

Easy fixes for Newsmax:

  1. Don’t create misleading advertisements – they will likely just make people mad and scar your brand image.
  2. Instead of auto-subscribing respondents to email updates, have a check box where people can choose their own fate.
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August 30, 2012 by admin

Homestar Runner: Awesome website, horrible functionality has been one of my favorite websites ever since middle school. Somehow, even though I’ve “grown up,” it can still send me into a fit of laughter that doesn’t stop for many minutes. is a flash animation website starring several strange characters that basically lacks a plot – I don’t know why it succeeds, I just know that it does.

The 4 main “Personas,” or consumers of the website’s content are:

The Procrastinator

The procrastinator is a person looking to waste some time – between class or
maybe instead of homework. This person is likely a fan of Youtube. addresses this person’s needs by providing content that is
short, entertaining, and updated frequently.

Comedy Fan

The Comedy Fan is a person who enjoys entertainment meant specifically to make
them laugh. This person probably also enjoys websites featuring humorous
articles like CollegeHumor or the Oatmeal. addresses this
person’s needs by providing slapstick humor.

Internet Nerd

The Internet Nerd is a person who knows everything that is trending on the
World Wide Web. This person probably also enjoys memes, cats, and websites
such as Newgrounds. addresses this person’s needs by being a
top site on the internet of its kind and giving nerds something to obsess over
(like me).

Entertainment Consumer

Although all of the aforementioned personas enjoy some element of entertainment, the Entertainment Consumer enjoys entertainment for entertainment’s sake. This person probably keeps up with many TV shows, new movies, popular books, and may also partake in the arts. addresses this person’s needs by providing a broad spectrum of content not limited to video – there are many interactive opportunities on the website.

However, as great as is, it hasn’t adapted well to recent changes in technology. Flash is outdated, as decreed by Apple (and Apple makes the rules). Flash makes browsers run slow and requires a plugin to be installed in order to work (which requires constant and annoying
updates). There are few devices it works well on, if at all. Mobile users can’t get access to this website like they could Youtube. This is a problem to all the personas, because using a mobile phone or tablet to access technology transcends many different groups. also hasn’t completely embraced social media. There’s a Twitter that appears to belong to, but it is not promoted anywhere on their website. There also appears to be a lack of an official Facebook page. This problem is also not unique to one of the key personas – it affects any one of them looking to keep up with the website.

So what can do to fix things?

1.) Switch from flash to HTML should make an HTML version of their site that is accessible on all browsers, on all devices. They could host their video content elsewhere or build a custom video player to replace the Flash functionality.

2.) Make a mobile-friendly website
More than just switching to HTML, they need their content to be navigable on a mobile device without many problems. Once they layout is switched from Flash to HTML, this wouldn’t be a huge project.

3.) Migrate to Youtube
Finally, to make everyone happy and to make things easy, they need to embrace Youtube. It’s easy to update, because all you have to worry about is uploading videos. It would be a low maintenance way to keep fans happy and make content accessible. They could do this in addition to or instead of the other proposed changes.


Of course, the biggest problem is probably that the website hasn’t been maintained since 2010. Consider this’s grand reopening plan.

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June 21, 2012 by admin

Verano de Español (Summer of Spanish)

My greatest fear for the summer was that I would lose all the Spanish knowledge I worked so hard to build back up after about a year break. But things are looking good for my Spanish retention – many opportunities to practice!

  1. First and foremost, I’ve been helping out at a place in Aurora called Family Focus where I assist in teaching native Spanish speakers how to use Microsoft Office products. Its from 7-9 every Wednesday and has helped me as much as or more than some of the Spanish classes I’ve taken.
  2. Second, working at a paint store has its perks. Many of our customers speak Spanish, so I’ve had many impromptu opportunities to practice my Spanish. The district manager promised me a polo shirt that says “Yo hablo español” so Spanish speaking customers know that they can come to me for help. I’m also working on my intern project, which will revolve around the topic of marketing to native Spanish speakers.
  3. Last, I’m bringing back audiobooks. I have a 40 minute drive to work everyday (about a 1.5 hour total commute), and quite frankly, am tired of top 40 hits. I reactivated my Audible account and downloaded My Sister’s Keeper (Jodi Picoult) in Spanish. I figured listening to a title I’ve already read will improve my comprehension, although I’m sad Audible didn’t have Harry Potter in Spanish. Regardless, I can’t wait to get started! I’m thinking of also devoting one night (or maybe just one hour) a week to watching a Spanish television show or movie. The more practice reading, writing, and speaking, the better!
Me encanta la lenguaje español!
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May 24, 2012 by admin

What I’m up to: Summer and Next School Year

  • Social Media Intern with NextGen Marketing Group

    NextGen Marketing Group is a relatively new company founded by partners who are the prior CMOs of companies such as Citibank, Kraft Foods, and more. I’m excited to be working under such experienced mentors while also expanding my experience with Social Media. I literally just started this internship, so I’ll update once I’ve gotten more things accomplished!
  • Sales and Management Intern with Sherwin-Williams

    I’m also very excited to get a chance to delve into the Management side of things, consistent with my Certificate in Leadership Studies. I’m thrilled to be able to work on my Marketing/Sales skills at the same time. Plus, working at Sherwin-Williams gives me a chance to spend another summer with my family – I don’t know how many more of those I will have like this.
  • Classroom assistant for Spanish speakers and technology
    Still trying to hash out the details, but I’m hoping to assist a teacher who teaches native spanish Speakers how to use computers, once a week for a few hours. Could there be a more perfect volunteer opportunity for me?
  • Special projects for IMU and other web projects
    I’ve been commissioned to build a website for the Indian Student Alliance at school, since the president is one of my good friends. I may also be helping with blog content for orientation, but I’m not entirely sure yet. I also have a freelance project to finish up for Fiddlehead Gardens and potentially another website for a startup.
  • Trip to Florida and California!

    My cousins wedding is late July, as well as the Sony Retreat. I’m excited to go on my first “business trip” and meet my fellow student ambassadors and supervisors. I can’t say that I’m not excited to get my hands on our new products, either… :) Plus, I get to spend a week in beautiful San Diego – a first!
  • AMA Director of Technology

    As mentioned in a previous post, I was elected to be AMA’s Director of Technology for next semester. As part of my position, I will be in charge of our organization’s social media and online presence. Right up my alley! I’m excited to get a chance to work more closely with the executive board and make new connections.
    After attending the PRSSA conference this year, I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding another student organization to my commitments. Pubic Relations is so closely tied to Marketing – not something you can just ignore.
  • Sony + IMU
    I’ve worked at the IMU since Freshman year, and don’t intent to quit after all of that time. I will also be continuing on with my role as Sony Student Ambassador for one more semester.
  • Barcelona!

    My dreams are finally coming true! I’m starting to put all the pieces together so that I can study abroad next spring and I couldn’t be more excited. My original plan was to go to Madrid, but there really aren’t many Business programs there. I feel like Barcelona is a pretty fair compromise – especially since I’ve never been. More updates on the opportunity of a lifetime for me as they come in :)
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